Mobile Edge Maddie Powers DIG 14.1PC / 15 MacBook Pro



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Mobile Edge Black/Burgundy If you like to travel light, the DIG Laptop Tote is the perfect solution. Disguised in a trim and stylish design, this case is actually a mobile work station with plenty of room for your computer, files and personal accessories.Material: 1680D Ballistic Nylon Laptop Cases,Cool Laptop Bags for Men,15 MacBook Pro Cases,MacBook Pro Cases,Maddie Powers Collection,Laptop Bags,Laptop Sleeves,Horizontal Laptop Sleeves,Men’s Fabric Laptop Bags,MacBook Bags,Women’s Laptop Bags,MacBook Cases,Business Casual,Cool Laptop Bags,Women’s Business Briefs & Totes,Business & Laptop Cases,Mobile Edge,Men’s Laptop Cases,Laptop Briefs,Laptop Cases Under $50,Business & Laptop,Mobile Edge for Him,Fabric Laptop Bags